How to Create Your iPhone Contact Poster in iOS 17

With iOS 17 on your iPhone, you can create a contact poster displaying a large photo, Memoji, or monogram that appears in your contact card and during phone calls.

By Stacey Butler - Senior Staff Writer
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While iPhone owners have always been able to set up a photo that appears in a small circle during calls and text conversations, Apple has now added contact posters to allow users to better express themselves. Keep reading to learn what Contact Posters are and how to create them.

What is a contact poster?

Contact Posters are a new feature of iOS 17 consisting of:

  • Your photo
  • Your name
  • Text styled to your preference

Contact Posters are primarily used for phone calls between iOS users. When the other person’s phone rings, they’ll see your Contact Poster. It’s also used for AirDrop and Messages.

Make Your Contact Poster

You may have been prompted to set up a Contact Poster when installing iOS 17, but if not, here’s how to set it up or change it later.It’s a little hidden:

  1. Go to Settings > Messages > Share Name and Photo.

  2. Tap the first button, which is called either Choose Photo or Edit (which one you see depends on whether or not you have a Contact Poster set up with a photo). This takes you into the Contact Poster editor.

  3. In the Contact Poster editor, you can do one of three things:

    • Tap the add.

    • Tap an entry to set it as your Contact Poster. Swipe left or right to swipe between them.

    • Tap Customize under an existing Contact Poster to edit it.

Here’s how to create a Contact Poster after tapping the add.

  1. Choose an image for your Contact Photo. This is not necessarily part of your Contact Poster, but is used as your personal icon for iMessage and other apps. Your Contact Photo can be one of:
    • A photo from the Camera

    • An existing photo from your library

    • A Memoji

    • A monogram of your initials

    • An emoji

  2. Tap Choose to set your selected image as your Contact Photo.

  3. Choose an optional filter for your Contact Photo and tap Next or just tap Next.

  4. iOS displays a Contact Poster it automatically generated. If you’re happy with it, tap Skip to move on.Otherwise, you have two options to change it:

    • Update: Keep your Contact Poster photo the same as your Contact Photo, but edit text and effects.

    • Choose a Different Poster: Choose another image for your Contact Poster before editing text and effects.

  5. After choosing a photo, you can select from different filters. Tap Next.

Once you’re on the screen to edit your Contact Poster, you’re given various options to play with. Here are some things you can do:

  • Tap your name to reveal a panel that shows a panel that lets you choose font, thickness, and color.

  • For a photo, swipe left and right to change photo filters.

  • For a Memoji Contact Poster, tap the Memoji icon.

After choosing your image, you’re shown a preview of the Contact Poster.

When you’re satisfied with your Contact Poster, tap Done and then Continue to set it as your default Contact Poster.

Get Creative With Your iPhone’s Contact Posters

Contact Posters are a terrific, fun addition to iOS 17. They might seem like a lot of work when you first set it up, but Contact Posters offer a wide array of tools and customization options, and you can use as many or as little as you desire.

Have fun customizing how your friends and family members show up on your iPhone whenever they call you. Don’t be afraid to give each contact a personal touch and make them stand out from the rest.

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By Stacey Butler Senior Staff Writer
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