Five Most Used IOS Apps by Students

By Dave Johnson - Senior Staff Writer
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The success of an individual will depend on what they interact with and what they do with that. Academic excellence is one thing that many scholars would admire.
You could be studying a course that you are passionate about. Therefore, you won’t have any other option than to succeed in it. But now, do you have all that it takes to achieve that? Besides, what are the valuable tools you might require?
Below, we have various IOS apps that are crucial for the success of scholars. Read on to learn more about that and why they are relevant to your education!
So, what are some of the useful IOS apps for managing school work? They include:


Do you find it complex writing notes in class because maybe the tutor was fast or you weren’t paying attention? With an IOS phone, you can install adobe apps to help you out with such issues. With this tool, you can download pdf format documents and access the content from your mobile phone. At times, you might not get the most relevant article for use in your academic work because they are all in pdf form. With this IOS app, it will be effortless to retrieve info from such a document.
Besides, you can edit a pdf document with the help of this tool. Moreover, you might also have to install a pdf word converter app on your phone. This will help you to navigate from pdf to word documents with ease.


Another useful IOS app is the CamScanner. Many times, students will encounter relevant documents for their school work. But now, you might not be in a position to copy the entire document. In such cases, it would be best to rely on a cam scanner to finish the job for you. Here, you’ll scan through the document and save it in pdf form.

Google Assistant

A Google assistant will listen to you and access the information from the internet. Such an app is useful when you need quick answers to long queries. You have to turn on your data before accessing this app. Ensure that you are audible enough when providing instruction for the tool to capture your words and present precise answers to your challenges.

Google Drive

Where can you save academic work and access it with ease? Google Drive provides storage for individuals who might want to save data online. The best thing is that it isn’t specific on the type of data to store. For instance, students can save word documents, pictures, videos and so forth.
The best thing about this storage app is that you’ll receive 15 GB of free storage space for every Google account that you have. When the storage gets full, you can purchase 100 GB of extra space from Google. From there, you can save as much data as you can.
Additionally, this IOS app allows individuals to access their documents at any time from any smartphone. Nonetheless, you’ll need a stable internet to achieve that. Additionally, you are sure that the data is safe from third-party access or loss.

Google Translate

Last but not least, you can boost your understanding of particular languages with the help of Google translate. This IOS helps to convert the language used on a page to one that you can easily understand. Funny enough, you don’t have to pay to access the service.
All these apps relate to each other at some point in your studies. For instance, you can access the saved data in your CamScanner with the help of the Adobe IOS app. Therefore, individuals need to select the best fit of IOS apps to rely on for academic success.
There are some which you’ll have to buy, while others are free. Additionally, you should check the compatibility with your phone, as some might not support various IOS apps.

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By Dave Johnson Senior Staff Writer
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