The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple. iPad has similar features and interfaces to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but applications are further optimized to run on the larger screen. iPads run a modified version of the iOS operating system called iPadOS.

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Yes, an iPad can be used as a phone – here’s how

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max not big enough for you? Then maybe it's time…

By Chris Smith

Don’t Recycle It, Reuse It – 10 Clever Uses for Your Old iPad

An old iPad can't handle the latest games, but it can be your remote control,…

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How to Connect iPad to TV + Screen Mirror (2024)

3 Ways to connect iPad to Any TV (No Apple TV Needed)

By Stacey Butler

How to update your iPad and get the device’s latest features

We’ll show you how to update your iPad wirelessly and how to update it using…

By Tom Griffin

iPad Says “Not Charging” When it’s Plugged In, how to fix it

Are you having issues charging your iPad? You plug your iPad and it says "Not…

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What ports does an iPad have? Everything you need to know

Get to know the ports on your iPad. Thunderbolt, Lightning, USB-C and the rest: what…

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Can you use a flash drive on an iPad? Here’s the truth

If you have a flash drive, or you are about to buy one, then the…

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Forgot your iPad passcode? Here’s what to do!

Forgot your iPad passcode? Learn how to put your iPhone into recovery mode so you…

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Does iPad have flash camera? Here’s the truth

Learn whether your iPad has a flash camera, and how to use it if it…

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How to reset your iPad for a new owner

Before you can even begin to think about giving your iPad to someone else, you…

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