Having a problem with an Apple device, Mac system software, or iOS? Maybe your Mac is behaving weird, or your iPhone isn’t charging properly, or an iPad app is crashing, or something is just not working as expected? Browse through and search our troubleshooting articles and you might be able to resolve the problem!

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Blocked Number Still Calling or texting on iPhone or iPad? How to fix

You can fix it if you are still getting calls and texts from blocked numbers…

By Dave Johnson

Please Contact iTunes Support to Complete This Transaction

Here’s what to do when your iPhone says “Please contact iTunes Support to complete this…

By Abigail Shilets

How to fix ‘Visual Voicemail is Currently Unavailable’ error on iPhone

Learn how to fix The “Visual Voicemail is currently Unavailable” Error on IPhone

By Moses Johnson

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable without Computer 4 Easy Ways

Wondering how to fix iPhone Unavailable without computer? Here's a guide to remove iPhone Unavailable…

By Dave Johnson

iPhone Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On Because Setting is Grayed Out, Fix

Is your iPhone Wi-Fi switch or button grayed out so that you can't turn on…

By Tom Griffin

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option: 4 Methods

This article lists several methods to fix iPhone Unavailable screen without erase iPhone option

By Dave Johnson

Voicemail Icon Is Missing on iPhone, How to Bring It Back

This article lists several troubleshooting steps to fix a missing Voicemail icon in the Phone…

By Moses Johnson

iPad Unavailable No Erase Option? How to Fix It!

Does your iPad say “iPad Unavailable” and there’s no Erase option? Here are a few…

By Dave Johnson

iPhone Security Lockout No Erase Option? How to Unlock!

If your iPhone says Security Lockout but there is no erase iPhone option, here's how…

By Dave Johnson

How to Fix iPad Unavailable Without Computer: 4 Easy Methods

Learn the easiest ways to fix iPad Unavailable without a computer

By Dave Johnson

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