How to use Point and Speak on iPhone or iPad

If you're blind or have low vision, you can use Point and Speak in Magnifier on your iPhone or iPad with LiDAR to have text read to you.

By Kristina Terech - Staff Writer
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  • To use Point and Speak on iPhone or iPad, launchMagnifier app > Detection mode > Point and Speak > aim camera at text > finger detection > point at text with your finger.

What is Point and Speak

Point and Speak is a new Magnifier mode that’s designed to help users with vision disabilities use appliances with text labels.Once Point and Speak is engaged, Siri can read the label of whatever your finger is pointing at, much like VoiceOver (but for real-world appliances).

How to Use Apple Point and Speak in Magnifier

To have your iPhone or iPad read aloud the text of labels, buttons, signs, and other written items, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Magnifier app on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Tap the Detect mode icon (it looks like a frame).

  3. Tap the Point and Speak icon (a finger pointing at a three-lined menu).

  4. Hold your iPhone or iPad about 12 inches away, parallel to the from the text you want read. Point the iPhone or iPad camera at the text you want read out loud so that it appears on your screen.

  5. Point your finger at the thing you want read and wait for your finger to be detected.

  6. Your iPhone or iPad places a yellow box around the thing you pointed to. It then reads the text. You can repeat this for as many items as you want.

Benefits of Using Apple Point and Speak in Magnifier
The Point and Speak feature of Magnifier is a terrific accessibility tool for people with difficulty reading, who can’t read, or who have vision impairments.

In short, Point And Speak allows the user to identify text by physically pointing at it with their finger. Point And Speak allows you to move your finger around the view finder and if lined up properly, it will identify the text closest to your finger. It is useful for when working with things such as keypads with touchscreens or appliances. You can also point to a specific section of text and have that spoken as well.

Devices That Support Apple Point and Speak in Magnifier

Point and Speak requires an iPhone 12 Pro or a later iPhone Pro model running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

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By Kristina Terech Staff Writer
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