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Kristina is a staff writer at GeeksChalk, and is interested in all things Apple. This includes its best products such as the iPad, iPhone, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch. When she's not tinkering with the latest Apple gear, you’ll find her watching movies, taking pictures and exploring the great outdoors.
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Does AppleCare Cover iPhone Water Damage? Here’s The Truth!

Learn if AppleCare covers iPhone water damage

By Kristina Terech

Does a Samsung stylus work with an iPad? Here’s the truth!

What are your options for using an iPad with a Samsung stylus?

By Kristina Terech

How to Buy Ringtones for Your iPhone

You can buy ringtones for your iPhone if you do not want to use the…

By Kristina Terech

How to download maps to use offline on your iPhone

If you're ever in transit and find yourself without an internet connection, don't despair. With…

By Kristina Terech

How to share an AirTag with other people on iOS and iPadOS 17

Find out how to share Apple's tracker so more than one person can find the…

By Kristina Terech

How to make custom stickers on iPhone in iOS 17

Learn how to make stickers from your photos on iPhone

By Kristina Terech

New iOS 17 Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know

Here are all the new privacy and security features in iOS 17

By Kristina Terech

How to activate iPhone’s Screen Distance Feature to Protect Your Eyes

This feature could alleviate eyestrain triggered by using your iPhone.

By Kristina Terech

How to use Point and Speak on iPhone or iPad

If you're blind or have low vision, you can use Point and Speak in Magnifier…

By Kristina Terech

Where is the ‘i’ Icon on Apple Watch and iPhone

Don't know where the "i" icon is on Apple Watch and iPhone? We've got you…

By Kristina Terech

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