8 FaceTime gestures that trigger cool reactions on iOS 17

Initiate onscreen visual effects by making hand gestures while on a FaceTime call

By Stacey Butler - Senior Staff Writer
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Did you know you can trigger cool effects like balloons, fireworks, hearts, and even a rainstorm on FaceTime? As long as you’re running iOS 17 on a compatible iPhone you can set off fun reactions with a handful of gestures. We’ll show you everything you need to do to initiate onscreen visual effects during FaceTime calls.

How to do iOS 17 FaceTime gestures

Note: To use hand gestures, open Control Center, tap Video Effects, then make sure Reactions is turned on. When using gestures, hold your hands away from your face, and pause for a moment or two to activate the effect.

Now try out the following eight gestures to surprise your friends and family during FaceTime calls.

  • Balloons: Make the peace sign ✌️with one hand.
  • Confetti: Make peace signs ✌️✌️with two hands. (Pretend you’re Richard Nixon.)
  • Like: Stick one thumb up with one hand 👍.
  • Dislike: One thumb down 👎.
  • Fireworks: Two thumbs up 👍👍.
  • Heart: Use two hands to make a heart shape with your fingers 🫶.
  • Laser show: Make a "sign of the horns" with two hands 🤘🤘.
  • Rain: Two thumbs down 👎 👎.

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React with Hands requires an iPhone 12, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad (10th generation), iPad Air (4th generation), or iPad mini (6th generation) or later.

Keep in mind that hand gestures should also work on third-party video conferencing apps including Zoom and Google Meet. In addition to iOS 17, these reactions also support iPadOS 17 and macOS sonoma.

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By Stacey Butler Senior Staff Writer
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