4 settings you can customize on Apple Vision Pro

Customizing a few settings can make your Vision Pro experience better

By Chris Smith - Senior Editor
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You can customize your Apple Vision Pro experience in Settings. Here are a few key features you might want to explore.

From the home view, look at Settings and then tap your fingers together to select it. Look at the left side of the Settings window and then pinch your fingers and gently flick up to scroll down.

Let’s check out a few options:

  • People Awareness detects and shows people in your space, so you can stay connected to others, even if you’re in an immersive app or environment.
  • In the Control Center settings, you can adjust where the Control Center button appears in your view and customize the controls.
  • In Display, you can adjust Text Size, Brightness, Default Window Size, and more.
  • In Wallet and Apple Pay, you can add credit or debit cards to use Apple Pay in apps.

When you’re done in Settings, just look at the Close button at the bottom of the window and tap to select it.

That’s a quick look at some of the settings you can customize on your Apple Vision Pro. To learn more about Apple Vision Pro, check out the articles below:

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By Chris Smith Senior Editor
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