How to share your Apple Vision Pro with Guest User

You can turn on Guest User to let someone else try your Apple Vision Pro while protecting personal data like your passwords. Here's how it works:

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If you have an Apple Vision Pro, you’re undoubtedly going to get requests from friends and family members who want to give it a try. Apple’s Vision Pro doesn’t support multiple users, so its limited Guest Mode is the best way to give people a glimpse inside the headset.

Guests can try Vision Pro with a customizable Guest User section. Apple says that to limit access to apps, a passcode should be set. Apps that you don’t want the guest to use should be closed, and apps you want to demo should be opened.

How to Turn on Guest Mode

Step 1: First, look up to find the Control Center button, which looks like a small arrow floating at the top of your view. While looking at the button, tap your fingers together to select it.

Vision Pro Control Center

Step 2: Look at Control Center in the menu and tap to open the controls. A label appears under each button as you look at it. Tap on the Guest User button.

Tip: Guest User looks like a head inside a dotted circle.

Step 3: While looking at Guest User, tap to open the setup window to control what your guest can access on your Apple Vision Pro. Look at Allowed Apps, and then tap to select it. You can choose to allow access to opened apps only, or all your apps and data. Look at your preferred option and tap to select it.

Step 4: To return to the setup window, look at the back button in the upper left corner and tap to select it.

Tip: If you tap on View Mirroring, you can see what your guest is seeing on Apple Vision Pro on one of your other Apple devices.

Step 5: When you’re ready to start Guest User session, look at the Start button and tap to select it.

Step 6: Now it’s time to hand your Apple Vision Pro and the battery to your guest. You have 5 minutes to pass them off or Guest User ends automatically.

Remove your Apple Vision Pro, and if you use ZEISS optical inserts, remove those from the device before sharing it.

Remind your guest that the light seal attaches magnetically. So they should hold Apple Vision Pro by the frame. Avoid pressing the top button or digital crown while handing off Apple Vision Pro, or Guest User could be canceled.

Once your guest is wearing the device, they can press the digital crown to begin hand and eye setup.

How to End a Guest User Session

To end a Guest User session, the guest simply needs to take off the Vision Pro. The next time you wear your Vision Pro, it will return to your personal hand and eye settings.

Guest User Options

During a Vision Pro Guest session, a guest can access all apps and data or just the apps you’ve allowed. Any open app will have full access, so if you open Photos, they can see your images, or in Apple Music, they can listen to your content.

Guests will not have access to your Apple ID, Persona, or Wallet & Apple Pay.

Guests do have access to a selection of settings such as accessibility, an option to redo eye and hand setup, and an option to learn more about the Guest User experience.

How to Share Vision Pro Without Guest Mode

If the other person doesn’t want to wear the headset, there are alternative ways to share what you’re seeing without going through Guest Mode.

  • FaceTime: When you make a FaceTime call from other Apple devices, you can share your entire screen to show the other person what you see. The same concept applies inside a Vision Pro. The person on the other end will get your entire field of view, including seeing themselves floating in a tile.
  • AirPlay: You can mirror your Vision Pro screen to an Apple TV, iPad, Mac, or someone’s iPhone through AirPlay. This could be useful at a large gathering or just to give people a quick view of what you’re seeing.
  • Screen Capture: If you don’t need to show something off in the moment, you can instead take a screenshot or record the screen to share with other people later. The screen record feature works similarly to how it does on an iPhone, and can be started from the Control Center. To take a screenshot, press the top button and the Digital Crown at the same time.

That’s how to let someone else try your Apple Vision Pro. To learn more about Apple Vision Pro, check out our Apple Vision Pro articles below and keep reading.

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