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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay in 2024?

As of now, Walmart stores do not accept Apple Pay at in-store checkouts. Here’s why!

By Kevin Shaw

Apple Support: How To Get Help (2024)

Learn how you can contact Apple Support, if you face problems relating to its products and…

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A Complete List Of Stores That Accept Apple Pay in 2024

The list of stores, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses that accept Apple Pay

By Dave Johnson

How to Record Phone Calls on Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

Wondering how to record a phone call on iPhone 14 Pro Max? Here are some…

By Dave Johnson

How to Fix iPhone Battery Drain in iOS 17 Issue

If you’ve just updated to iOS 17 and your iPhone’s battery is draining faster, don’t…

By Dave Johnson

Why Apple Products Come With a Sticker: Know Here

Discover the significance of the little white sticker that comes with every Apple product. Learn…

By Dave Johnson

Why iPhones are Never Discounted

This article explores why iPhones are never discounted and the value of the Apple ecosystem.…

By Dave Johnson

The Story Behind Apple: How Steve Jobs Named His Iconic Company

Uncover the history of how Steve Jobs named his iconic company, and the cultural impact…

By Moses Johnson

The Evolution of the Apple Logo: From Newton to Modernity

Discover the evolution of the iconic Apple logo and its role in establishing the brand's…

By Dave Johnson

Why You Shouldn’t Charge Your iPhone to 100%: Know Here

Charging your iPhone to 100% is not the best practice, and in this article, I'll…

By Moses Johnson