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Abigail is a staff writer for GeeksChalk based in Pennsylvania. She covers news, how-tos, and user guides for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Before becoming a writer Abigail studied computer science at University and also worked at Apple for more than two years. When not creating masterpiece for GeeksChalk, you can usually find Abigail hiking, climbing, or otherwise unplugged.
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How to Stop Text Messages and iMessages from Going to iPad From iPhone

Stop your iPhone text messages and iMessages from going to your iPad with this quick…

By Abigail Shilets

How to Use the iPhone Messages App: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to master the Messages app on iOS

By Abigail Shilets

How to use Check In on your iPhone

Use Check In on iPhone to let your friends know you've arrived

By Abigail Shilets

Write It Out: Mastering Apple’s Journal App in iOS 17

The Journal app can help you capture events, activities, and moments of your daily life.…

By Abigail Shilets

How to leave a video message in FaceTime on iPhone

Here’s how to leave an audio or video message on FaceTime

By Abigail Shilets

How to set multiple timers on your iPhone in iOS 17

Learn how to create multiple timers on your iPhone

By Abigail Shilets

What is Contact Key Verification on iPhone? Turn on or off?

Learn what Contact Key Verification is and whether you should enable or disable

By Abigail Shilets

How to set up and use Live Speech on iPhone and iPad

Type text that can be spoken on phone calls and in FaceTime

By Abigail Shilets

How to activate Stolen Device Protection on your iPhone

Give Your iPhone More Security With Stolen Device Protection

By Abigail Shilets

Please Contact iTunes Support to Complete This Transaction

Here’s what to do when your iPhone says “Please contact iTunes Support to complete this…

By Abigail Shilets

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