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Moses Johnson is the Editorial Director of, who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. Moses is commonly referred to online as The Professor, with decades of experience in tech under his belt.
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How to fix iPhone not sending texts after iOS 18 update

If you can’t send text messages after installing iOS 18 update on your iPhone, try…

By Moses Johnson

How to fix iPhone not ringing after iOS 18 update

Learn how to fix the problem if your iPhone is not ringing after iOS 18…

By Moses Johnson

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery?

In this article, we list, by iPhone model, all of the current costs of replacing…

By Moses Johnson

How to Check your Apple Repair Status Online

Sent your device to Apple service center for repair and need to check your repair…

By Moses Johnson

How to Change your Safari AutoFill Data

Learn how you can change your AutoFill data in Safari.

By Moses Johnson

App Store Says ‘Verification Required’ for Free Apps, How to fix

Get rid of the "Verification Required" pop-up that appears every time you try to install…

By Moses Johnson

How to Attach an Email to Another Email in Mail on iPhone

You can send an email with other emails attached to it on iPhone. Here's a…

By Moses Johnson

Why MacBooks Don’t Have Face ID

Touch ID is more convenient on the Mac since users' hands are already on the…

By Moses Johnson

Yes, Apple Pay Does Work on an iPad — Here’s How You Can Use It

Apple Pay does work on an iPad — here's how to set it up and…

By Moses Johnson

Cracked Apple Watch Screen? Check out the Repair Costs

We tell you the cost of replacing an Apple Watch's glass screen and how you…

By Moses Johnson

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