How to reset your iPad for a new owner

By Moses Johnson - Editor
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Before you can even begin to think about giving your iPad to someone else, you need to take some time to wipe and reset it to factory settings. Doing so will ensure that nobody has access to the treasure trove of personal information we all keep on our tablets. Below, I’ll walk you through steps you need to take before resetting your iPad, and I’ll show you the reset process.

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Back up your iPad first

Before you reset your iPad for a new owner, it’s important to create a backup that you can use to set up your new device, and which you can return to if you’re missing contacts or photos on your new device. You can back up your iPad by connecting it to your Mac and following these steps, or use iTunes on a PC to back it up.

Alternatively, you can use iCloud to back up your iPad by going to Settings > tap on [your name] at the top of the page > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back up now. This backup method can take a while, depending on how long it’s been since you’ve backed up your iPad, but it’s dead simple.

Just make sure to keep your iPad connected to a Wi-Fi network and on a power source to prevent the backup from draining the battery.

How to reset your ipad for a new owner

Before you give out your iPad to a new owner, you should perform a factory reset. A factory reset means the complete removal of user data from your iPad. A factory reset restores your software to its original manufacturer settings, so it operates as if you never even took the device out of the box. To factory reset your iPad, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app

To get started, open the Settings app on your iPad, then select General from the list of options.

Step 2: Tap Transfer or Reset

Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Transfer or Reset iPad. The next screen will give you the option to prepare your iPad to set up another device. You can follow those steps if you’re getting ready to transfer any files and app data onto your new iPad.

If you’ve already done that, just tap Erase All Content and Settings at the bottom of the screen. Enter your passcode when prompted.

Step 3: Go to “Erase This iPad”

The next screen, titled “Erase This iPad” at the top, details all of the information that will be erased from your device.

Here, you’ll be informed that any cards, keys, or passes in the Wallet app will be removed. And, yes, Find My and Activation Lock will also be disabled.

Tap the blue Continue button. You’ll be presented with an iCloud Backup screen that, if you let it run its course, will store one last backup of your iPad before the internals are erased.

Step 4: Select “Turn Off”

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID/iCloud account password.

This is the step that turns Find My off. After entering your password, tap on the Turn Offbutton in the top-right corner.

It may seem like nothing is happening when you select Turn Off, but give it a second or two before doing anything else.

In my experience, your iPad is trying to turn off Find My during this time, but it lacks any sort of progress indicator.

Step 5: Erase iPad

Finally, you’ll see another popup with a button labeled Erase iPad. If you tap the button, your iPad will reboot a few times a will reboot a few times and, once it’s done, all of your information will be fully wiped from it.

You’ll know it’s done when you see the same boot-up screen that welcomed you years ago.

With your iPad now wiped and ready for a new owner, you can send it on its way with peace of mind that your information is no longer on your device.

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