Does a Samsung stylus work with an iPad? Here’s the truth!

What are your options for using an iPad with a Samsung stylus?

By Kristina Terech - Staff Writer
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The Samsung Stylus is an awesome tool you can use for editing, designing, drawing, or even jotting down notes. We usually see these being used with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. What if you own an iPad, though? Does a Samsung Stylus work with an iPad?


No, the Samsung S Pen does not work with an iPad. This is the case regardless of which version of the Samsung Stylus you want to use.

Can you use a Samsung Stylus on an iPad?

Sadly, you can’t use a Samsung S Pen with an iPad. The S Pen Fold Edition, S Pen Pro, and the S Pen Creator Edition only works with Samsung supported devices. Here’s an official list of devices each Samsung Stylus supports. As you can see, nothing other than Samsung devices appear on these lists.

This is mostly due to the fact that Samsung devices and Apple iPads use different display technologies.

Can you use a third party stylus on an iPad?

Yes. There are hundreds of third-party stylus that are compatible with various iPad models out there. This includes popular styli like the Logitech Crayon, Zagg Pro Stylus, the Adonit SE, and many of Adnoit’s iPad-specific pens. Just make sure you double check the stylus compatibilities as indicated by the brand before purchasing.

There’s even some iPad iterations that don’t support the Apple Pencil, so just make sure to do your homework.

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Can I connect a Samsung stylus to an iPad?

No, you can’t connect A Samsung S Pen to an iPad. None of the Samsung S Pen versions are compatible with any iPad model. These only work with supported Samsung phones and tablets.

Can you charge a Samsung Stylus with an iPad?

No, you cannot charge Samsung SPen with an iPad. To charge your S Pen, insert it into your Galaxy phone for 40 seconds. In that time, it will recharge to a full 100%. Or, if you are using an S Pen Pro, you can charge it using a USB-C cable.

Can you use a regular capacitive stylus with an iPad?

While you can’t use an Apple Pencil with anything other than an iPad, iPads can actually use a regular capacitive stylus. It won’t be as precise and won’t have all the extra features an Apple Pencil provides, but it will work.

Does any stylus work with iPad?

No. Before buying any stylus, read the list of compatible devices. And yes, you must ensure your iPad is compatible with different Apple Pencil models since compatibility varies between generations.

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