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How to Change your Safari AutoFill Data

Learn how you can change your AutoFill data in Safari.

By Moses Johnson

How to Search for a Word on a Webpage on iPad or iPhone

Learn how to use the keyword search feature for Safari on iPad or iPhone

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How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone to Chrome or Back to Safari

You can set Chrome or any other third-party browser as the default on your iPhone…

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How to Turn Off Pop-up Blocker in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Learn how you can allow pop-ups in Safari by turning off the pop-up blocker in…

By Moses Johnson

What is Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement? Turn Off or On?

The Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement option is available in Safari. We explain what it does…

By Kevin Shaw

How to Disable Private Browsing in Safari on iPhone or iPad

If you want to remove the Private Browsing mode from your iPhone or iPad, you…

By Moses Johnson

What is Website Data on iPhone, iPad & What Happens if you clear it?

Learn what Safari's Website Data is on iPhone and iPad and what will happen if…

By Moses Johnson

How to Turn off Google SafeSearch on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to remove content filtering in Google…

By Tom Griffin

How to fix Safari not working on iPhone after iOS 17 update

Some users have reported that Safari doesn’t load websites or webpages after iOS 17 update.…

By Dave Johnson