Top iPhone apps every woman must use in 2022

By Dave Johnson - Senior Staff Writer
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We all know that technologies are not gendered. The applications are designed for both men and women. The lack of gender separation makes them versatile and convenient. However, women’s place in technology is very significant. In this article, we will present you with a few iOS apps that are designed specifically for women.

1. myPill® Birth Control Reminder

It is almost a necessary app for every modern woman, who takes oral contraceptives. Because of the fast pace of life, work, various activities outside the home, you may forget to take your pill. Skipping a single dose can be traumatic for your reproductive health or simply weaken the effect of contraceptives.

myPill® Birth Control Reminder reminds you to take your pill. You can also turn off the notifications when you take a break from the pill.

2. Cozi Family Organizer

For many modern women, it is necessary to maintain a good and trusting relationship in your family. For these, it is essential not to forget important dates and keep warm memories and not only.

Cozi Family Organiser helps you focus on your family. Manage your schedule, save memories, and do more by keeping all your family activities in one simple app. Family Organizer presents your events and deadlines in a convenient daily format, so you’ll never feel like you missed anything.

3. Stylebook

For a modern woman, it is essential to be in Vogue. This app is absolutely a good decision for your wardrobe.

Stylebook allows you to manage your closet, creating creative looks with what you have on hand. Upload photos of your clothes and accessories or similar models to model sets for every day: for the office, travel, or parties. The "Inspiration" and "Shop" sections are suitable for planning new purchases.

4. Net-a-Porter

No limits to shopping. With the app from the leading online retailer, you can order outfits from anywhere in the world and under any circumstances. With Net-a-Porter, you can also send your favorite items to your wish list and be inspired by the stylists’ images (based on the selected items).

5. Vera Wang on Weddings

We all know the chic dresses by Vera Wang. Now imagine that this chic brand created its wedding app.

App from Vera Wang’s Fashion brand is a handy online wedding planner. Inspirations, décor, dress and accessories can be organized according to style in a practical mood board. Now you can visualize the wedding of your dreams.

6. Noonlight

Every woman could sometimes find herself in a situation where she felt unsafe. This app is always on your phone and can become a necessary help at any time. It offers you emergency help.

The instructions are simple enough. First, hold it when you feel unsafe. Once you know you’re okay, let go of your finger and enter the pin code. If you still need help, then release the button and don’t enter the pin code.

Conveniently, Noonlight cooperates with Tinder. It also makes you feel protected on blind dates.

7. MyFitnessPal

The MyFitnessPal is a calorie calculator for weight loss. It allows you to take control of your fitness goals. This calorie counter for weight loss will allow you to track calories, nutritional value and record your activity for later analysis.

This program is made by the wonderful developer UnderArmor. They are a manufacturer of athletic apparel. UnderArmor has made a great gift to their consumers and has developed a cool weight loss calculator program as well as a calorie counter.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest, of course, is not just for women. It will be great for all people who like aesthetically pleasing pictures. Bloggers and stylists will find this app particularly useful. You can take inspiration from other people’s photos and pictures and create your own new, individual art.

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By Dave Johnson Senior Staff Writer
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