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iPhone not receiving SMS messages? Here’s how to fix it

While using your iPhone, you may notice unexpected SMS text messaging behavior where you can't…

By Dave Johnson

Can I text someone I blocked on iPhone? Here’s the truth

We answer your questions about sending and receiving texts from blocked numbers or contacts on…

By Dave Johnson

Does Green “Sent as Text Message” Mean You Are Blocked?

You sent a message to someone on your iPhone and Messages said "Sent as Text…

By Dave Johnson

Will a Text Message Be Delivered if You are Blocked on iPhone?

When you send an iMessage to another iPhone user, you'll see the delivery status right…

By Moses Johnson

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone in 2 ways

Messaging is one of, if not the most, used forms of communication in the world.…

By Moses Johnson

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone After iOS 17 Update Issue

If iMessage is not working on your iPhone after iOS 17 update, our troubleshooting guide…

By Dave Johnson

How to fix Messages not working on iPhone after iOS 17 update issue

We rely on texts every day to do our jobs and connect with friends and…

By Dave Johnson

How to Fix MMS Not Working on Apple iPhone 14 Pro Issue

When you can't send or receive multimedia messages, or MMS, on your iPhone 14 Pro,…

By Moses Johnson

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