Cracked Apple Watch Screen? Check out the Repair Costs

We tell you the cost of replacing an Apple Watch's glass screen and how you can get it fixed

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Apple products are known for their build quality, and the Apple Watch is no exception. However, since it is a wearable, it is exposed to different and harsher environments. And the way the smartwatch has been designed, the display cover glass protrudes from the main body, so it can easily crack during daily use.

If you have cracked your Apple Watch’s screen and are wondering how much will it cost you to get it fixed, here’s what you need to know.


The Apple Watch screen replacement cost will vary depending on your Apple Watch model and where you get the service. In the US, pricing for an out-of-warranty repair on the Apple Watch ranges from $299 to as much as $800 for the Ceramic or Titanium Apple Watch models. The repair costs for the Apple Watch SE are a bit cheaper and range from $219 to $249.

How much does it cost to replace an Apple Watch Screen?

The price to replace an Apple Watch screen depends on your watch model and whether you have purchased AppleCare . Let’s take a look at some prices from the latest Apple Watch releases.

Apple Watch Ultra & Apple Watch Ultra 2

Model Estimated Cost Est. Cost w/ AppleCare
Ultra (GPS Cell) (Titanium) 49mm $499 $79

Apple Watch Series 7, 8 & 9

Model Estimated Cost Est. Cost w/ AppleCare
(GPS) (Aluminum) 41/45mm $299 $69
(GPS Cell)(Aluminum) 41/45mm $349 $69
Edition (GPS Cell)(Titanium) 41/45mm $499 $79
Hermes (GPS Cell) 41/45mm $399 $79
(GPS Cell)(Stainless) 41/45mm $399 $69
Nike (GPS) 41/45mm $299 $69
Nike (GPS Cell) 41/45mm $349 $69

Apple Watch SE

Model Estimated Cost Est. Cost w/AppleCare
2nd Gen. (GPS Cell) 40/44mm $229 $69
2nd Gen. (GPS) 40/44mm $199 $69
Nike (GPS Cell) 40/44mm $249 $69
Nike (GPS) 40/44mm $219 $69
1st Gen. (GPS Cell) 40/44mm $249 $69
1st Gen. (GPS) 40/44mm $219 $69

Apple Watch Series 4, 5 & 6

Model Estimated Cost Est. Cost w/ AppleCare
(GPS) (Aluminum) 40/44mm $299 $69
(GPS Cell)(Aluminum) 40/44mm $349 $69
Edition (GPS Cell)(Titanium) 40/44mm $499 $79
Edition (GPS Cell)(Ceramic) 40/44mm $800 $79
Hermes (GPS Cell) 40/44mm $399 $79
(GPS Cell)(Stainless) 40/44mm $399 $69
Nike (GPS) 40/44mm $299 $69
Nike (GPS Cell) 40/44mm $349 $69

Older models

For models older than the Apple Watch Series 4, you can still get the screen repaired (except for Apple Watch Series 1). The cost is less than replacing the screen on a newer model watch. See Apple’s watch repair site for details.

Do I have to get my Apple Watch repaired by Apple?

You aren’t forced to have Apple replace your Apple Watch screen. If you wish to, you can get your cracked Apple Watch screen repaired by a third-party service provider. There aren’t many, and they are usually large retailers like Best Buy, but some smaller participants exist. Additionally, Apple has an Independent Repair Provider Program for shops that want to provide repairs that are out of warranty.

Of course, there is also an excess of third-party technicians and shops that will do screen replacements for you. Apple has become more accepting of these businesses, and will respect your warranty as long as any future damage isn’t related to, or caused by, what the third-party tech repaired (in this case, the screen). That said, we would be very wary about taking Apple Watchs to third-party repair businesses.

While these businesses may be knowledgeable and capable, there’s also the chance some aren’t. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about such businesses not using genuine screens and parts. And even if they do, some users have experienced screen problems and other issues. We won’t tell you not to go to these, but we also won’t advise that you do. If you choose to do so, just do your research, read reviews, and do everything you can to ensure you’re working with a good business.

How much does it cost for Apple Authorized Service Providers to replace Apple Watch screen?

What about Apple Authorized Service Providers? Surely, they charge more, right? The cost of operation is not the same for Apple compared to some of these smaller authorized stores. This means that they often have to charge more. However, this is not a set rule that applies to all service providers. Best Buy is one of the biggest Apple Authorized Service Providers, and its prices are actually identical to Apple’s. Likewise, those with Apple Care Plus will pay less for Apple Watch screen replacements at Best Buy.

The short answer is: expect to pay very similar prices, but some authorized shops may charge a bit more.

Is there anything cheaper?

As mentioned in the first section of this guide, you can opt to go with third-party technicians and repair shops. These will often be cheaper. For example, the one closest to my house will charge $399 to replace an Apple Watch Ultra screen. That’s much less than Apple’s $499. As mentioned before, though, we wouldn’t recommend these services. We’re sure there are some good ones, though. Just do your research first.

You can also replace Apple Watch cracked screen yourself!

If you want to save some money, you can replace your cracked Apple Watch’s screen yourself. The process is definitely not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of time.

Apple offers a Self Service Repair program that allows you to repair an iPhone yourself. However, this program is currently limited to iPhone models and doesn’t offer any Apple Watch parts or instructions. The biggest hurdle in self-repairing your Apple Watch’s cracked screen will be to get your hands on the replacement display.

You can check iFixit’s online store for replacement screens and related cables, but they are mostly available for older models. You will also need access to all the relevant tools, including a heat gun, which can be pretty expensive. As for repair instructions, iFixit has the manuals for all Apple Watch models, so you can follow them to replace your Apple Watch’s cracked display.


Do I have to replace my Apple Watch screen with Apple?

Not necessarily, but you should try to get any repairs straight from Apple or one of its Authorized Service Providers. This will ensure you get the best service and genuine parts.

Will replacing my Apple Watch screen with a third-party repair shop void the warranty?

Apple has become very understanding about third-party repairs. Your warranty won’t necessarily be void if you fix an Apple Watch cracked screen with an authorized service provider. However, getting your Apple Watch screen repaired by anyone other than an authorized service provider will void its warranty.

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