iOS 17: New iPhone Camera Features YOU need to know!

Everything new in iOS 17 Camera

By Stacey Butler - Senior Staff Writer
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iOS 17 brings exciting new functionality to the Camera app. These are the features that will best improve your iPhone photography experience.

Apple ProRaw Tweaks

On the iPhone 12 Pro and later, there are changes in Camera > Formats:

The Apple ProRAW switch is named ProRAW & Resolution Control.

ProRAW Resolution is now Pro Default and instead of letting you switch between 12 or 48 MP resolution, you can switch among three formats: HEIF Max (up to 48 MP), ProRAW 12 MP, or ProRAW Max (up to 48 MP).

There is a button in the Camera viewfinder that you can press and hold to change these settings.

Change the Default Camera Lens

The iPhone 15 Pro has three different camera lenses you can switch among: 24, 28, and 35 mm. The 24 mm lens is the default, but you can change the default lens in Settings > Camera > Main Camera.

Horizon Level

The Camera viewfinder now displays an onscreen level to help prevent you from taking crooked photos. If you enable the level, a thin line will appear on-screen while shooting. It’s very narrow and will switch from white to yellow when you’re horizon is level.

The line will disappear if you move the camera up or down too much, making it most useful for shooting straight-on. Apple also says that it provides haptic feedback when the camera levels out, but I have not experienced this on my iPhone 11 Pro.

To display a level on the camera screen, go to Settings > Camera, then turn on Level.

Lock White Balance While Recording Video

White balance refers to how the camera interprets the color white, which in effect changes how all other colors are captured. By default, the camera adjusts white balance on the fly, which can be problematic when recording a scene where colors naturally change, like a sunset.

There is now a setting to lock the white balance while recording video. To turn on Lock White Balance, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video, then turn on Lock White Balance.

Spatial Video

iOS 17.2 added the capability to record Spatial Video with the iPhone 15 Pro. Spatial Videos are 3D videos that are currently only viewable in their fully glory on an Apple Vision Pro. When Camera is in Video mode, tap the Spatial Video

You can hide the button by going to Settings > Camera > Formats and disabling Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.

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By Stacey Butler Senior Staff Writer
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