Apple Watch Ultra Won’t Update? Try These 6 Simple Fixes

If your Apple Watch Ultra is not able to install watchOS software updates, follow these troubleshooting steps

By Chris Smith - Senior Editor
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You’re trying to update your Apple Watch Ultra, but something’s not working right. No matter what you do, your Apple Watch Ultra won’t update! In this article, I’ll explain how to fix the problem when your Apple Watch Ultra is not updating.

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You might be unable to update your Apple Watch Ultra for one of these reasons:

  • There isn’t enough available storage space on your watch
  • The update takes a long time to download
  • Your watch isn’t able to reach the update server
  • The update doesn’t complete

If your Apple Watch Ultra won’t update to the latest version of watchOS, here are some simple fixes you can try!

1. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

You need an internet connection to download your watchOS update, and since these software updates are usually large, Apple recommends using a Wi-Fi connection to download it. A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection can guarantee a smooth and fast update process and also allows for automatic updates.

A poor Wi-Fi connection can slow down the process; depending on how bad it is, you may even have to restart the download. So, if you experience any trouble with your connection, try resetting the Wi-Fi router or moving closer to it to improve the signal strength.

2. Charge Your Apple Watch Ultra

Like your iPhone, your Apple Watch Ultra needs enough battery power to update. If your watch runs out of battery during the update, it can lead to a failed update and potentially cause other problems.

Please make sure your Apple Watch Ultra has at least 50% battery charge before you start the update. Alternatively, you can keep your Apple Watch on a charger while running the update. This way, you can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted update.

3. Check Storage Space On Your Apple Watch Ultra

Major software upgrades such as watchOS 10 update can be quite large. There may not be enough storage space left on your Apple Watch to download the update. If you don’t have enough storage to update your Apple Watch Ultra, your Apple Watch might say that you need more available storage to install a watchOS update.

Head to Settings > General > Storage to see how much space is left on your Apple Watch Ultra.

Alternatively, on your iPhone, open the Watch app, tap General > Storage to see how much space you have.

If your Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t have enough room to store the update, try to free up storage on your watch, then try to install the watchOS update. You can free up storage on your Apple Watch by removing any music or removing any photos that you’ve synced to your watch. You can also remove some apps to free up more space.

4. Restart Your Apple Watch Ultra

In most cases, a simple restart can fix minor software bugs preventing your Apple Watch Ultra from updating. All of the programs on your Apple Watch shut down naturally. They’ll get a fresh start when you turn your Apple Watch on again.

To restart your Apple Watch Ultra, long press the side button until the Power icon pops up at the top-right of your screen. Tap the Power icon, and on the screen that appears, drag the Power Off slider to the right to turn it off. Wait about thirty seconds, then press and hold the side button to turn your Apple Watch on again.

If your watch is unresponsive, you can force restart it, but this should only be done as a last resort. Also, you should never force restart while the watch is updating. Hold the side button and Digital Crown simultaneously for about 10 seconds to force restart your watch and release when the Apple logo appears.

5. Check Apple’s Servers

When a new watchOS update is released, everyone wants to download it right away. Unfortunately, this can slow down and sometimes overload Apple’s servers, preventing you from downloading the update.

Check Apple’s servers to make sure they’re working properly. If dots are green, the servers are up and running.

6. Unpair and Re-Pair Your Apple Watch Ultra

Unpairing and re-pairing your Apple Watch Ultra can also help resolve your update issues because it erases all contents and settings, guaranteeing smooth installation. Since unpairing your Apple Watch Ultra erases all its data and settings, make sure your Apple Watch Ultra data is backed up to your iPhone before proceeding.

  1. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together as you unpair them.
  2. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Navigate to the My Watch tab and tap All Watches.
  4. Tap the info button next to the Apple Watch Ultra.
  5. Tap Unpair Apple Watch.
  6. Type your Apple ID password to disable Activation Lock, then tap Unpair.

Now, pair your Apple Watch Ultra to an iPhone using the built-in Watch app like you did the first time after purchasing it.

Update Your Apple Watch Ultra Without Issues

You’ve successfully updated your Apple Watch Ultra! Now you’ll know just what to do the next time your Apple Watch Ultra is not updating. Have any other questions about your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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