iPhone 15 Not Charging? Try These Fixes!

If your iPhone 15 won't charge, here are different ways to fix it

By Tom Griffin - Executive Editor
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  • If your iPhone 15 isn’t charging, first make sure there is no problem with your power adapter and cable.
  • Also try rebooting the phone, testing different charging outlets, and checking the charging port.
  • If those fixes don’t work, you should take your iPhone 15 to Apple Store for hardware repair.

As a general rule, your iPhone 15 should work most of the time, charging up to 100 percent when you put it on a wireless charger or plug it into a USB-C charging cable.

But it’s not uncommon to hear about iPhone 15 owners having trouble getting their device to charge properly.

While being unable to charge your iPhone 15 is definitely frustrating, you can take a number of different steps to help diagnose the issue and get everything back to normal. Here are some of the best ways to solve the problem.

Why Is Your iPhone 15 Not Charging?

As with most things tech, charging problems can lie with hardware or software. However, in iPhone 15 it’s usually caused by faulty chargers or power outlets. Parts of the charger might have become damaged, preventing the phone from charging. Hardware problems in parts like the charging port could also be the cause of the charging issue. While rare, the problem could also be software-related. The phone might be experiencing a system glitch or has too many apps taking up the charge.

How To Get Your iPhone 15 To Charge

Now that you know why your iPhone 15 isn’t charging, try these fixes to get your iPhone 15 charging again. Let’s begin!

Inspect Your Power Adapter and Cable

Take a look at your adapter and cable. Is the adapter damaged, burnt, or broken? Is your cable frayed or cut at the edges? These damages might cause them to stop charging your phone properly. Try charging your iPhone with a different charger. If it starts charging, your adapter or cable is the problem. Test the different parts to see which is bad and then replace them.

Check The Power Outlet

If your iPhone 15 won’t charge even with a different charger, try a different power outlet. There might be issues with the outlet your phone is plugged into. If you’re connected to a power bank or a USB port on a computer and your iPhone 15 isn’t charging, move to a power outlet. Sometimes, power banks and computer USB ports charge phones really slowly, which might come off as not charging.

Take Off Your Phone Case

Thick iPhone cases might hinder the charger from being plugged in completely into the USB-C port. You can check by simply charging the device with the case off. If the phone charges, then you know the case is the problem. A case can also cause issues with wireless charging. If the case is too thick it could slow down charging, and certain materials can block charging altogether.

Check Your Charging Port

If it’s still not charging at all using a charging cable, the USB-C port might be blocked. Inspect it for debris blocking the port, and if you see anything, try to clean it. If dust is present, blow a can of compressed air into the port to remove it. If stuck objects are present, carefully use a toothpick to dislodge them if you can.

If the charging port is damaged or you can not remove the object, take your iPhone to an Apple Store. They can fix it.

Reboot Your iPhone

The next thing you need to do is to reboot your iPhone. Rebooting clears the memory and closes background apps, giving your phone a fresh start.

To reboot your iPhone 15, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Side button and either of the Volume buttons until you see the power off slider.
  2. Drag the power off slider from left to right.
  3. Wait for your device to power off.
  4. Now press the Side button to power your device back on.

Plug in the iPhone and it should begin charging. If your phone doesn’t show the power indicator when pressing the power button, you’ll need to check out an alternative method.

Charge your phone wirelessly

If neither of those options yielded success, try to circumvent the charging cable and charging port.

If you have a wireless charging pad, place your iPhone 15 on the pad and see if the battery will take a charge this way. If it does, you’ve narrowed the problem down considerably – you know that the battery can take a charge, and the problem has something to do with the USB-C port, cable, or wired power source.

If the wireless charger works, let it charge completely (remember that the iPhone 15 charges slower when using a wireless connection). Then try to charge it with the USB-C cable again to see if reviving the battery fixed the problem.

Confirm That It’s Not A Screen Problem

Charging your iPhone when its battery is dead should make the screen light up with a battery icon. If your screen doesn’t come on when you plug it in, you should confirm that the problem doesn’t come from a damaged screen before troubleshooting the battery or charging port.

Check your screen to make sure it isn’t cracked or filled with ink. If it is fine, try calling your phone. You can do that from another phone or with Find My feature. If your iPhone rings, your phone isn’t dead. It’s charging, but the screen is damaged. You should take your iPhone 15 to an Apple Store to get your screen fixed.

If it’s Gotten Wet, Let it Dry Completely

Your iPhone 15 is quite water resistant, though it’s still possible that enough water gets in the charging port, it won’t allow the phone to charge.

Most of the time, if this happens you should see an on-screen warning that moisture has been detected. Let the phone dry completely – give it 24 to 48 hours. When it dries completely, you can begin charging it. But please, don’t put your phone in a bowl of rice.

Get Your iPhone 15 Repaired

If your iPhone 15 is only charging under certain circumstances – such as only wirelessly, or only wired – or none of those troubleshooting steps helped at all, then it’s time to seek professional help. Take your phone to an Apple Store or an authorized repair shop to get it checked and fixed.

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