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Blocked Number Still Calling or texting on iPhone or iPad? How to fix

You can fix it if you are still getting calls and texts from blocked numbers…

By Dave Johnson

How To Hide Your Caller ID When Making Phone Calls On iPhone

Here's how to hide your phone number when making calls on iPhone

By Kevin Shaw

Is Potential Spam Calling You? What Does That Mean?

Learn what Potential Spam calls mean and what you can do to avoid them on…

By Kevin Shaw

How to Block a Phone Number on your iPhone 15

You can block a number on your iPhone 15 from any of these three apps:…

By Stacey Butler

iPhone Says User Busy – What Does It Mean & How to Fix?

Are you trying to call someone and keep getting a User Busy message? This article…

By Kevin Shaw

How To Block “No Caller ID” Calls on an iPhone in 2024

There are several ways that you can block No Caller ID calls on your iPhone,…

By Dave Johnson

Can you call a number you blocked on iPhone? Here’s the truth

You can block a phone number or contact on your iPhone from the Phone app…

By Dave Johnson

iPhone Won’t Make Calls But Will Text? Here’s How to Fix it

Sometimes you may experience an unusual problem where you cannot make or receive calls while…

By Dave Johnson

How to fix iPhone not making calls after iOS 17 update

Your iPhone won't make calls after iOS 17 update and you don't know why. No…

By Moses Johnson

How to Record Phone Calls on Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

Wondering how to record a phone call on iPhone 14 Pro Max? Here are some…

By Dave Johnson

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